Friday, 25 January 2013

STORY: "Paddington: 'Tickets Please!'"

Just how much fun can you have in a London railway station?

The first title in the London Lovers' Ground series! 

Dan and Jane meet at Paddington on Friday evening to begin their overnight journey to Cornwall for a weekend with his parents. It’s Jane’s first time on an overnight train, and having come straight from the office, looks every inch the glamour-puss in her black heels, pencil skirt and blouse jacket. The pair are hardly on board their coach for a minute before their lust for one another begins to show.

But it’s Dan’s sudden proposal in the lounge car that has Jane both shocked and excited. Just how much bad behaviour can they get up to in their cabin, with the lights on and in front of the passersby on the platform before they pull out of the station?

This 5,800 (approx.) word adult erotic story contains oral sex (both), sex in high heels, lingerie, semi-exposed fornication, and a lot of cum and juices!  “All aboard!”


Her train of thought left her suddenly, as Dan’s grip tightened. Turning her to her side, he slid behind her. Running his hands over her skirt, he quickly – but skilfully – unzipped her skirt as far as it would go. Coaxing the skirt over her hips, he watched in awe as it snaked down Jane’s legs before resting on the ground around her black heels.

Gently moving Jane forward to the wash basin, she was now mere inches away from the cabin window that separated her from the platform – and the people on it.

“Hold ups….very nice indeed.” Dan commended her choice of hosiery. “And as for this naughty little thing,” he pinged her knicker elastic “it’s wonderful. Especially from this angle. What do you think the people on the platform would think, Honey? Do you think they’d agree.”

“I bloody well hope so,” she laughed. “They’re La Perla. They cost me a bomb from Selfridges.”

“The effect is explosive, I’ll say that for free. Maybe you’d like to appreciate how primed I am now.”

The question was a rhetorical one, as by the time Dan had dispensed with the space between the pair and brought his crotch up behind her derriere, the outline of his hardened prick had Jane surging with sexual current.

Opening her legs even further apart, her hunger for his cock was instinctive. Reaching behind her to get a firm grip on his manhood, her attempt was blocked.

“Oh no you don’t, young lady!” Dan snapped. “Both palms on the basin, right now. And spread ‘em even further.” Jane quivered as his fingers traced the outline of her inner thighs. When they reached between the top of her legs to slide under her panties to slowly and gently tug at the strip of pubic hair, Jane’s sigh was audible.

“Oh yes,” she murmured. “Touch me. Let me feel you in there.”

“My pleasure.”

Kneeling down on the floor and slipping underneath Jane’s open legs, Dan carefully positioned himself with his back to the bottom of the wash basin. His hands reached up, running over Jane’s taut thighs. How silky smooth they were to the touch.

Each second Dan resisted himself from slipping his hand under her tanga was one too many in Jane’s book. His hands explored her thighs, her shapely ass, and her toned calves. He luxuriated in the view of her exposed heels and the black hold-ups directing his eyes upwards to her honey pot, still hidden from view.

“Enough,” begged Jane, grabbing his hand. Placing it directly over her mound she allowed no room for misinterpretation.

“Right here, right now. I can’t take any more of this.”

Looking down, she saw the hunger in Dan’s eyes. He raised his eyebrow.

“Might I suggest now might be the right time to dispense with your prize knickers?”

Jane didn’t have time to respond. With the speed of a striking cobra, his hands had already attached themselves to the elastic. Carefully lifting her leg up and across then repeating it with the other, Jane felt the hot air – or was it Dan’s warm breath – circulate around between her legs as her partner in crime carefully removed the panties from around her shoe. In the few seconds that Dan held them in his hands, their wetness didn’t go unnoticed. His cock stirred more from within his dark blue suit trousers.

Jane looked outside the window, glued to the spot. The light was on, her top half was in clear view of anyone passing by. And wearing only a black lace bra and whatever smile she was capable of putting on. Admittedly, this became harder to maintain the moment Dan’s hot lips clamped onto her clit. The effect was incendiary: her legs momentarily buckled as she gasped for air, arching her back and tilting her head to the ceiling. Anyone walking past the window was now a distant second place in her mind.


  1. I read this book together with my wife and found it great fun and down right dirty!
    We often have sex outdoors and the thought of fucking on a train with the risk of
    being spotted turns both of us on.

    We found the sex scenes to be very realistic and
    it sure put us in the mood for some fun under the sheets shortly after reading it. And I confess I just read it again now and had a lovely quick one! Kleenex please!!! PL

  2. Now THAT'S the kind of reaction I like my books to have! Bravo! And really cool to have both of you reading and enjoying it. Thanks again :-)