Friday, 25 January 2013

STORY: "Baring All In Bayswater"

One hot, sticky summer evening. One hot, sticky couple. And some encouragement from their neighbours!

The second story in the London Lovers' Ground 'Green' collection takes us to the lively, bustling streets of Bayswater, located to the north of Hyde Park and west of Paddington station. With its cosmopolitan and international residents, there's never a dull moment!

Mia wants her last weekend in her Queensway flat to go with a bang. And Boy, does she get it! When her partying Brazilian neighbours across the street strike up the sultry samba sounds, Mia reveals some of the saucy antics she’s seen in the opposite flats. As the sultry summer evening heat and the music continues, Phil has his own idea of how they should spend their penultimate night in the flat: and it doesn’t involve their bed! Furthermore, before long they gain their very own highly appreciative audience providing encouragement each step of the way!

This 6,500 (approx.) word adult erotic story contains atmospheric oral sex (both), multi-position bump n’ grind and frenetic sex, and an ever supportive group of spectators. With all these antics, it’s less Neighbourhood Watch and more ‘Neighbourhood Crotch’!

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Placing his two-thirds empty wine glass down onto the small table at his side of the sofa, he turned round to Mia and with both hands brought her even closer to his muscular frame.

As they kissed once more, Mia knew this was leading somewhere. It was more than just a cursory smooch – not that she was knocking those in the slightest. But the strength exerted by Phil as he brought her to him, coupled by the sheer intensity in which his lips clamped around hers and explored her mouth with a such sense of urgency amply supported Mia’s assertion.

Perhaps it was the balmy summer evening air, or the penetrating samba sounds from across the street. Maybe there was a simpler reason: they just couldn’t keep their hands off one another when they were together. Adding all those ingredients together however was a surefire means of igniting their most basic instincts.

The next ten minutes were a blur of ruffled hair, clasping, grabbing, oral exploration, and sexual hunger, as Mia and Phil made out. Their loosely clothed bodies were already entangled; respective arms kept each other closely entwined. Mia’s bare legs rested over Phil’s thighs as they continued their in-depth exploration using lips and wandering hands.

Aside from her bare arms which had already been kissed from finger to collarbone, Mia’s toned tummy was the first concealed area to send shockwaves to her brain as Phil’s hands worked their magic.

“I see you’re not averse to some ‘masochism’ yourself,” Phil commented, chiding and complimenting his lover in equal parts in response to her constant gentle jokes about his fitness regime. “That’s quite some abdomen.”

“Oi!” laughed Mia. “Don’t you get all fitness-freaky with me just now! Get horny instead. Those hands of your need to be further up for instance.” Phil’s hands were guided to Mia’s firm and perky breasts. Allowing herself a few seconds of sweet sensation, her eyes re-opened.

“Bravo Bellissimmo,” she purred, smiling contentedly at her partner.

Within a minute or so of Phil’s firm handling of her tits, her nipples had hardened to dramatic proportions. Phil had already had a grope when they were preparing dinner, and heartily approved of her white shoestring vest, especially when braless underneath. Now with passion and lust fully ignited, her headlights were protruding gloriously. Phil’s efforts were tremendous. They just needed something else to further amplify the pleasure vibes that were sending her giddy.

How much more of this could Mia bare? Phil’s expert handling tormented her with every passing second. Her erect buds were ready to pop as she yearned for more.

Blowing away the hairs that had fallen down onto her forehead as she felt hotter and hotter, Phil’s idea hit the mark in so many ways.

“Get on here, babe”.

As she felt Phil’s hands grab her by the waist and pull her properly onto his crotch, she hurriedly adjusted herself in order to straddle him properly.

“Mmmm…” purred Mia. “This is more like it,” as she ground down onto him.

“Yes, I should say so. We just need one final detail to attend to.”

Mia looked at him.

“Arms up, now.”

“You must be joking, the window’s open!” Mia laughed, with a mix of humour and disbelief apparent in her voice.

“Off. Now.”

Phil wasn’t hanging around. Grabbing the bottom of her white vest, he pulled it up and was already halfway over her breast before Mia realised what was going on. Boy, was he quick!

“The neighbours!”

“I don’t give a fuck about the neighbours. I’m sucking on your bare naked tits right now.” Oh how Mia loved it when he got bossy!

Nonetheless, she looked around and over her shoulder. Sure, she was fucking horny: no doubt there whatsoever. But being topless and having her tits on display, with the windows open and a bunch of randy Brazilian guys across the street who’d just love to see all this unfolding before their very eyes?


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