Sunday, 27 January 2013

Rants, Raves and Reflections

Hello sexy readers! 

So it’s been nearly two weeks since first gracing Amazon with my presence and offering my smut for sale. And even in this short period of time, it’s been an interesting ride!

So, here’s the skinny. The first five London erotica stories set in research agency ‘Crash! Bang! Wallop!’ were unleashed. Tales of viewing room sex, phone sex, hotel hedonism, sexual revenge, and in-flight frolics are all available for your reading pleasure. And of course hopefully another sort of pleasure afterwards!

Then a few days ago, the first three stories in the London Lovers’ Ground (LLG) series were added: Paddington, Bayswater and Earl’s Court. All colour-coded green…can you guess the common theme running through each of them?! It’s early days – with everything in honesty – but the plan (and we all know what happens to plans!) is for the next three LLG books to be written and released in the next two weeks. Can you guess the associated theme when they’re released? This could become quite a fun game over the coming months!

So what’s next? With the current books all available on Amazon, it’s now time to do the same on Smashwords. Having downloaded their style guide last night, I guess that’s today’s reading sorted out. I’m reckoning on this taking up the majority of the week. I’m in London on Monday (tomorrow, yay!) for a couple of meetings, and Windsor on Tuesday for a couple of hours, but for the rest of the week I’ll be at the desk Smashword-ing. So for everyone who doesn’t have a Kindle or one of their smartphone apps, don’t worry. My smutty stories will be available for other sorts or even ‘just’ your PC or Mac. And this will be the case going forward: all titles will be available on both platforms. At the very beginning, it just made more sense to me to focus on one distribution system at a time. That way, I'd become proficient in this in the shortest time possible.

With this being a full-time vocation with all the associated professionalism required, I’m in this for the long game. The one thing I can’t afford to do is get burned out. It’s not a sprint, afterall. I’m in this for the long haul, and looking at realistic, stable growth over the coming months and years that keeps the wolves at bay and food on the table (and yes, indulge in some things too; hard work should always be rewarded!). Therefore, the writing and publishing/promoting sequence already being adopted should hopefully keep me in good stead: write 2-3 LLG books over 10-14 days, then a subsequent week of publishing, promoting, blogging, Tweeting and all sorts. A change is as good as a rest. And of course, thinking about the next bunch of titles. We’ll see how it goes. The week or so away from writing per se, should be beneficial. Speaking just now, it certainly has, as I can’t wait to get back to writing once I’ve finished with the Smashwording!

To everyone that’s offered help or inspiration (whether they know about it or not!) over the past few months, I say a big ‘thank you’. Keep your comments, observations, etc coming either on here or Twitter (@Bryant_erotica). If you want to keep updated on what’s going on don’t forget to submit to my email alerts as well: whenever a new blog post is published, you’ll get pinged accordingly.

A blog shouldn’t just be about news releases and product postings. Yes, it’s for that too, but it’s also about engagement and reflecting on life’s trials and tribulations. Oh and given the business we’re in…TITilations too!  I’ll see you again next Sunday for some more of the same.

Be sexy but be safe!

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