Friday, 25 January 2013

STORY: 'Earl's Court: Making An Exhibition Of Oneself'

It's Expo time in Earl's Court! And what happens when attendees take more than just a mere liking to each other?!

The second London Lovers' Ground 'Green' story is set in the west central London area of Earl's Court: most famous for its Exhibition Centre for expos and concerts, lots of hotels, and lots of Australians!

When Lorna and her married friend Gina meet up at the IT Expo being held in the nearby exhibition centre, it’s another chance for them not only to catch up but also cast their eye around the exhibition floor for hot guys! Lorna is alerted by her friend to be on the lookout for a decidedly hot male, Rob. And when she meets him, Lorna wholeheartedly agrees with Gina’s judgment! Meeting later in the nearby pub, their flirtations escalate and before long they’ve left the pub to rendezvous again before heading to Rob’s hotel room. However, Lorna’s aching feet present them with another option, and before long they’re lustily devouring each other in the local gardens! But can their floral frolics continue without interruption?

This 6,300 (approx.) word adult erotic story includes partially clothed (formal, suit) sex, fingering, cunnilingus, and being at one with nature in the naughtiest way whilst avoiding the local evening dog walker! 

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“Then do it,” she pleaded. “Pull my knickers down. Now. I can’t wait,” she panted. It was no exaggeration. Being fucked against a tree, regardless of how well presentably dressed she was (at least to begin with) wasn’t conducive to romantic images of rose petals and candles. There was also the not unimportant fact that since she’d clapped eyes on him at the expo, and especially since their first canoodles in the pub, this had to be the longest bout of foreplay she’d had to endure! Hours’ worth: Christ, it was tortuous!

So, no more time for breast play or him running his hands through her hair. Unless of course he was doing all this at the same time as ramming her cunt hard and fast with his meaty rod.

Pushing her long coat aside, he quickly hitched up Lorna’s skirt.

“Oh fuck yes,” he marvelled, as he clapped eyes on her black hold-ups. “Those are so damn sexy!”

With that added source of sexcitement, he grabbed Lorna’s waist, running his hands down her arse and pulling it towards him. Running his hand up and under what remained of her skirt, he grabbed hungrily at her buttocks. Again, not the time for classy, seductive touches and caresses. This was about fucking.

Pushing up her Brazilian-style knickers to expose as much of her as he could, the kisses bestowed upon each other continued frantically and relentlessly as they could sense each other’s hunger and impatience for the moment when their most intimate areas congregated.

When Lorna finally felt Rob’s palm rubbing her pubic mound before his fingers stretched further between her legs to run between her lips, she trembled.

“Oh God, yes.” she moaned.

Rob’s cock stiffened further as he felt how hot and moist Lorna’s pussy had become underneath her skimpy pants. Scrunching them tightly in his hand, he pulled them upwards. He wanted to savour the view of the lace clinging tightly through her exposed lips on either side.

“Oh fuck yes, that’s the bullseye,” he announced.

Running his hand over her lips then slipping inside her knickers, he brushed up against her strip of pussy hair, before exploring further.

Lorna’s back arched, whilst she simultaneously offered herself to him. Thrusting her pelvic area forward for him to touch more, he duly obliged. Lorna gasped once more with joy as Rob’s fingertips nudged her clit. His repeated touching and circling of her pink nub was yet another cause for her desire to grow even higher – if this was now at all possible.

As Rob’s fingertips continued on their trail of sexual arousal, they were leaving Lorna flushed, gasping, and consumed with passion and sexual expectation: quite the potent mix.

“Oh yes,” moaned Lorna. Rob’s fingers slid between her slit and her pussy lips. The sensation was exquisite. When his two fingers found her opening – now drenched in her own juices - and purposefully pushed inwards and upwards Lorna, her moaning and ‘mmmm-ing’ increased in frequency as each thrust left its desired effect. When he ramped things up even further by crossing his index and middle fingers and corkscrewing her, Lorna’s juices streamed. She’d never experienced this before! Oh Shit!



  1. Enjoying your scribblings both here and on Twatter. We have a feeling you may live rather close to us too which is strangely sexy.....

  2. Why thank you! It's always nice to get some genuine feedback regarding my utterings here and elsewhere. Hope you enjoy the stories too! And as for location, well, that's a closely guarded secret, although I'm happy if it gets you 'in the mood'!