Friday, 18 January 2013

STORY: 'Mirror Mirror'

Have you ever wondered what antics you could possibly get up to behind the two-way mirror in the focus group viewing room?  The first Crash! Bang! Wallop! story gives you an idea of the possibilities!


When CBW Director John is stuck inside the focus group viewing room for several hours evaluating junior researchers through the two-way mirror, the least he expects is for Studio Manager Zoe to enter and begin a teasing, flirtatious game which can end in only one way. 

But will they finish what they started before the group they're watching does? This erotic story contains some serious flirtation, cunnilingus, office sex, mirrors and safe exhibitionism. You’ll always wonder what’s going on behind that mirror next time you take part in a focus group!

Length: 8,700 words (approx.)


John’s hand reached the outline of her red satin push-up bra, which felt wonderfully smooth. Not that she needed a push-up bra, per se. But for added effect, it certainly worked its magic. He cupped it firmly, once more sealing his lips around Zoe’s. His squeezes became firmer as he earnestly sought her nipple through the fabric. A slight whimper from Zoe gave him the necessary direction. But this wasn’t enough.
Scrambling underneath it, his hand wasted no time in attaching itself to her sizeable and well defined breast. Grabbing her orb, his firm touch lightened to those of gentle caresses. He couldn’t wait anymore to feel her nipple without the satin cover.
His first touch sent shivers down Zoe’s spine. Moaning with pleasure, her head moved away from John’s as she delivered kiss after succulent kiss on his neck.
Paul’s voice resonated through the viewing room speakers. It temporarily brought them to their senses, but served a timely reminder that there was limited time to bring this explosive outburst of passion to its rightful conclusion. Whilst other more timid, pensive individuals, may have baulked, there was simply no going back for either of them. Not that any of them possessed such thoughts. There was no way this experience was going to end this second and with clothes still on.
Zoe’s response was instinctive. Without moving her head or changing her focus from John, her right arm reached out, her hand adjusting the speaker volume on the desk console. Paul’s voice was now almost reduced to a whisper: much more conducive to frantic lovemaking.  
 As John’s hand continued tracing around her nipple and gently squeezing it, this was Zoe’s cue to assist in their combined efforts. The time for teasing had disappeared: this was all-out, all-consuming lust. With a countdown. A slow seductive removal of the bright red shirt was not on the agenda. Buttons were released with breakneck speed: she wanted his hands all over her body and his mouth all over her tits, to be sucked and licked intently. Flinging the shirt over John’s head, landing in a dishevelled heap behind them, John followed suit with her now unclipped bra. He noted the sweet smell of her body spray, and from the corner of his eye, he also caught the label: 34D. Delicious.
John marvelled at the view. “God, your body is divine,” he mouthed, leaning up to kiss her now smudged scarlet lips. He was about to deliver another smouldering kiss on her lips. Zoe wasn’t having any of it. She grabbed his head, stopping him in his tracks, before looking in his eyes intently.
“Tits. Suck. N-o-w.” Her hand forced his head down into her fully exposed cleavage. He marvelled at what he saw and was now savouring with his mouth as well as his hands. They were awe-inspiring.
“What do you feed these things? They’re perfect.”
“Heineken. Now stop talking,” she snapped. “And the more you’re talking, the less that mouth’s working. Suck those tits to within an inch of my life, you dirty fucker!” she cackled.


  1. Mirror Mirror is the first erotic novel I have ever read. I wasn't so sure what to expect but I was hooked pretty quickly. The story builds slowly to introduce the characters but the sexual tension quickly builds up culminating in some hot and steamy sex with no holds barred!

    By this point I was already getting very wet and letting my fingers wander :). The story has a humorous twist in the tail which I won't spoil for you, in fact there is humour throughout the book, meaning it will make you chuckle and horny at the same time!

    By the time I was finished, my knickers were soaking and I had to finish the job! :P

    My girlfriend read the book with me yesterday and has promised to post a comment so look out for that!!

    Do yourself a favour and buy it!

    D x

  2. And here I am! :-)

    I have read a few free erotic stories online but they tended to be written by some horny bloke and ultimately left me unfulfilled. My girlfriend gave me Mirror Mirror to read together with her on the sofa as she had been blown away by it (2 orgasms!) and I enjoyed it a lot. It is indeed quite funny and very very filthy!

    During the "main event" my heart rate was way up and I was extremely aroused as was noticed by my girlfriend who commented on my rather stiff nipples and warmth "downstairs". After reading the book we were both wonderfully aroused and had sex there on the sofa. The book had made me so wet and horny :-)

    This is not so much a review of the book but of how the book made me feel (Horny as fuck!)I'm sure these books will be a great way to enhance love-making for many people; get them in the mood. I'm really looking forward to the next one and what that will do to me; I can guess!!

  3. Ladies, thank you sooo much! It's this sort of feedback that any erotic writer yearns to receive! And it seems they've given you some - no, make that a 'LOT' - of fun as well!! x