Friday, 18 January 2013

STORY: 'Hi-Jinks In Hull'

When you spend as much time in hotels around the country as qualitative researcher Katherine does, and your social life is equally as shot due to moderating evening focus groups, it doesn't leave much time for fun. UNLESS of course, with a bit of forward planning, you arrange your fun in advance ready to meet you at your hotel, and away from prying eyes back home! 

The second story featuring London's sexiest research agency answers the question of just how much fun can really be squeezed into the free hours when traveling on business!


When CBW (Crash! Bang! Wallop!) qualitative researcher Katherine has to travel up from London to Hull to run a focus group on sex toys, she ensures that she doesn’t spend the evening in her hotel room alone. From bad behaviour online with her potential partners through to the subsequent hotel room hedonism, Katherine’s one girl who knows what she’s looking for, and knows how to get it. 

This erotic story contains sexting, phone sex, masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, and full on-humping. Who knew marketing research could be this damn naughty?!

Length: 11,300 words (approx.)

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Katherine looked Liam straight in the eye with a look that was impossible to misjudge.
“I want you to do ME well,” Now it was her turn to pause, as her hand cupped his cheek and the tips of her fingers connected with his smooth skin.
“Several times, in fact.”
“Would it be entirely appropriate at this juncture to suggest relocating somewhere a bit more private: on top of your bed for instance?”
Katherine leant forward once more to place a lingering kiss on Liam’s mouth.
“That sounds scrumptious, you sexy thing.” Her eyes sparkled with giddy anticipation.
“Hold that thought, for a few minutes while I go and ‘powder my nose’.”
“I told you Babe, I don’t do drugs,” Liam chuckled.
Katherine rose from the sofa, before leaning down to Liam’s ear.
“By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll need some sort of medication. Something for muscle strains, I suspect.” She kissed him on the cheek, and was about to head off before temptation got the better of her. She ran her hand slowly and firmly along his sculpted shoulder.
“Delicious,” she purred before walking - with more than a spring in her step - towards the toilet.
“Back here?” Liam quickly asked.
Katherine retraced her steps, and once more placed her hand on Liam’s shoulder.
“I’ve been leading, shouting, talking, controlling all day long. No more,” she flatly announced, once more looking straight into his eyes.
“Make the call, decide, and lead on. Not for this minute, not for the next five, but the whole night. ‘Think you can rise to the occasion?”
Liam pretended to consider the question before replying.
“I think one might be able to oblige.” He considered his options for a few seconds.
“Well first of all, I think you should go to the ladies room as you intended. But don’t walk too fast. Those leather pants - and your rear, it must be said - look too fantastic to not savour properly, don’t you think?”
He pivoted around on the sofa, and slowly raised his hand. Katherine tingled with exhilaration as she felt his touch on her hip, then curve around to elegantly but firmly run his hand over her shapely rear, before giving it a playful squeeze at the bottom.
“Go. But remember: slowly. And I’ll see you by the lifts in five minutes. Is that enough time for you?”
“Perfect. Shall I begin to walk?”
Blowing a kiss as she turned around, she proceeded to walk towards the toilet. Liam’s eyes didn’t miss a thing; he considered each elegant stride Katherine took a joy to behold. In his mind, the black leather pants and red stilettos were a combination of epic proportions.
Mischievously stopping halfway, she turned around to face him, and winked. Raising her hand, she gesticulated. Thumbs up or down? Without waiting for his response, Katherine turned back around and continued her journey. As she headed out along the corridor, and out of sight, Liam grinned. It would be some night. He rose from the sofa.
Moments later, Katherine walked along the corridor rather more quickly than her departure from the bar. She couldn’t wait to see him. The erotic potential of the lift had not gone unnoticed: it would be the perfect opportunity to escalate – pun fully intended – the proceedings before reaching the completely private environment of their room. But it would still allow a little thrill. Not quite private, not quite public.
She was even more excited when she saw Liam turn around to face her at the lift entrance. He’d been busy.
“I thought we could put these to good use in our room. Any objections?”