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STORY: 'Melissa: Flight of Fantasy'

Oversexed, Overlaid, and Over Here! A US Researcher in London (series) 

Amelia Bryant's first-person erotic short story series takes you up, up and away from one side of the Atlantic, and landing in Swinging London! The fourth 'Crash! Bang! Wallop!' story introduces you to the feisty - and adorable - new arrival to CBW's London offices. And watch out: sparks will fly!

When American researcher Melissa Armstrong is recruited to head up CBW’s future New York office, she first heads over to London for a year with the company. And it’s not long before this feisty go-getter shows what she’s capable of when it comes to taking things – or rather men – by the balls. And that’s before she’s even touched down on British soil! 

This is the opening episode in Melissa’s accounts of naughtiness in London (and above the Atlantic!), and contains under-the-blanket fingering, fellatio, cunnilingus, and frantic full-thrusting sex back on terra firma. Never has work travel been so much fun: even in Economy Class! 

Length:  5,950 words (approx.) 

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“Good evening, m’Dear. And how are you?”
Turning around immediately, the first thing I registered was the scent (I subsequently discovered that it’s Paul Smith: London – very apt!). Then I clapped eyes on the friendly face from two rows in front: brilliant! Maybe this flight wouldn’t be too bad afterall.
“I’m doing all right thank you,” I smiled. “And you?”
“Not too bad thanks,” he replied. “So are you here for ‘a touch of exercise’ as well?” he smirked knowingly.
“Absolutely. The wine is good for the heart, and the walk to get it helps with the DVT prevention. It’s all good!”
“Well in that case, with such a strong supporting argument, I should join the party too,” he smiled, asking the attendant for a glass.
“Here’s to an uneventful and safe flight,” he toasted, with glass in hand.
 “What’s wrong with it being safe but eventful?” I counter-proposed. Was it the wine speaking or was it me, ever the opportunist, sparking into life?
 “And what’s a guy to do around here?” He looked around at the cabin walls as if to illustrate the point.


Ok, I didn’t really say that, although the thought crossed my mind. There’s something about being in a plane: the confined space, the limited time to make a connection, and the fact he seemed a decent guy, that made me think ‘What the hell?’ Let’s get to know the guy, have a flirt, and who knows? I’ve already found out he’s from Teddington, which is just ten or so minutes away from my new home in Richmond. A potential partner in crime? He did say he was single. Hmmm, you never know.
As the wine flowed and the conversation went down equally as well, the spark was definitely there. Even without the wine, my spirits were high – just as well at 37,000 ft, I suppose. New job, new adventures, Swinging London, woo hoo. Let’s just say I was receptive to seeing where this was going.
“How many times have you been asked out on a plane, Melissa?” Mark asked light-heartedly, but with purpose nonetheless.
“In airports, a few times,” I shrugged. “On a plane itself, actually this might be the first.”
“I only asked the question,” quipped Mark, “I wasn’t necessarily asking you out. Oh, how presumptuous you American women are!” he mocked.
Maybe Mark sensed that I’d been a bit of a chump with my response. Was it the fact that because I wanted him to ask me out, that’s how I read the question? He was soon however making me realise that he offered serious potential. Furthermore, the fact that he didn’t walk away both calmed my nerves and excited me.
“So how about our first date then? Fancy a night at the cinema?” His hand pointed towards the rows of seats and the small tv screens behind each one. I see you’ve got three seats to yourself, I’ve got five, despite the fact I washed today!” he laughed.
“I’d love to. What’s showing?”
I didn’t care what was on. Sharing a few hours with him was the big draw. Along with his wide shoulders: I’d already sized them up as a potential pillow within minutes of meeting him.
“Don’t have a clue,” he shrugged. “Maybe there’s a documentary on Mongolian agricultural practices,” he said rolling his eyes, “although I sincerely hope not.”
“So, your place or mine?” he winked.
“Yours for sure” I replied. “More space to get the feet up and chill out. Please: lead on!”
This was definitely the most enjoyable flight I’d been on for quite some time. There we were, stretched out with our shoes off, blankets over us and making good progress though a bag of Hershey’s Kisses that Mark had brought out from his hand luggage. Yes, and some more wine too.
I thought I’d already hit the jackpot by just having someone to cuddle. But as the flight progressed, it became apparent that other things were up for grabs – and grabbing.


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