Wednesday, 23 January 2013

NEWS RELEASE: Research Gets Sexy...and there's no clipboard in sight!

The marketing research world may never be seen in the same light again, as a new series of explicit erotic short stories blows away the cobwebs of the industry viewed by many as dowdy and boring. 

Set in the fictitious central London research agency ‘Crash! Bang! Wallop!’, the short stories written by Amelia Bryant are already available online at Amazon with a steady stream of releases planned throughout 2013. Bryant is confident that the series is not only going to be a hit among erotica readers in general but also in the market research community itself. 

“The marketing research industry is – unfairly in my opinion – often viewed as being the shy, boring sister when compared with the more glamorous worlds of advertising or PR,” before adding, “and it’s complete rubbish. The research world is full of bright, energetic, colourful and sexy people and this is certainly reflected in my characters.” 

As well as ‘sex-ing up’ the research industry and removing a few misconceptions, Bryant is also stamping her mark on the erotic story market in other ways. Her book covers are devoid of the scantily-clad women and gauche lettering found on most erotica e-books. Bryant’s decision was entirely marketing-led. 

“Anyone searching for erotica online is immediately confronted with thumbnails of semi-naked women and garish fonts. Erotica readers are more concerned with content. Did anyone chastise E.L. James or her publisher for the conspicuous absence of naked bodies on the ‘Fifty Shades…’ covers?” 

There is also another reason: privacy. Whilst smartphones, tablets and dedicated e-readers all allow for more private reading – often on the daily commute into work – any sense of privacy is quickly lost if the person sitting alongside sees the garish cover on an HD device featuring the semi-nude figure and explicit title.

Applying her own marketing expertise to her books, Bryant also recognises the need for consistent branding and identity; again, something of a rarity in the independent erotica writing market. 

“For the Crash! Bang! Wallop! series there is a recognisable and consistent cover design which prominently stands out when compared with other titles. If nearly everyone is doing one thing to varying degrees of success, the easiest way to make an impact is doing the exact opposite. I’ve achieved that and it gives CBW as a fictitious agency its own identity too.” 

With a distinct identity forged and her books full of raunchy characters, driving plots and red-hot sex, Bryant is well-placed to achieve her objective of putting London-based erotica on the map.


Amelia Bryant is an erotica author with an eye for detail and a mind for filth! With a penchant for red hot antics together with the plots to make them complete, her stories are crammed full of x-rated encounters featuring passionate characters who come to life (and orgasm!) along with punchy and realistic dialogue.
With London always in the global spotlight - especially after 2012 – Amelia is determined to establish London as the sexiest city in the world through her plots and characters. There’s the 'Crash! Bang! Wallop!' series, set inside London's sexiest marketing research agency. Then there's the ‘London Lovers’ Ground’ - a whole series of location-inspired erotic stories set amongst the capital's neighbourhoods. Whether you stayed there, or commute to a particular locale each day, watch out: maybe YOUR area's included!    

Crash! Bang! Wallop! titles already available on Amazon are:-

Mirror Mirror   When CBW (Crash! Bang! Wallop!) Director John is stuck inside the focus group viewing room for several hours evaluating junior researchers through the two-way mirror, the least he expects is for studio manager Zoe to enter and begin a teasing, flirtatious game which can end in only one way. But will they finish what they’ve started before the group they’re watching does?

Hi-Jinks In Hull   When CBW qualitative researcher Katherine has to travel up from London to Hull to run a focus group on sex toys, she ensures that she doesn’t spend the evening in her hotel room alone. From bad behaviour online with her potential partners through to the subsequent hotel room hedonism, Katherine’s one girl who knows what she’s looking for, and knows how to get it.

Dirty Caller   When CBW telephone interviewer Tanya is beginning her last interview of the evening, she realises that her male respondent on the other end of the line has her on his mind rather than the survey questions. What begins as a normal telephone interview quickly becomes a full-blown erotic episode leaving their imaginations full and other parts completely emptied!

Melissa: Flight of Fantasy   When American researcher Melissa Armstrong is recruited to head up CBW’s future New York office, she heads over to London for her first year with the company. And it’s not long before this feisty go-getter shows what she’s capable of when it comes to taking things – or rather men – by the balls. And that’s before she’s even touched down on British soil!

Stuck At A Desk, Part 1  When CBW researcher Craig grows increasingly frustrated with his bullying and jealous boss, he exacts his revenge in a rather unique fashion as he spends his evenings alone in the office. But things take an unforeseen turn when Craig is spotted carrying out his scheme. With his career potentially hanging in the balance, he realises that help can come from the most unsuspecting people. Who is his new partner in crime, and what will they both do to see the job through?