Saturday, 19 January 2013

STORY: 'Dirty Caller'

Telephone interviewers around the world are contacting professionals and consumers during the day and early evening seeking their participation in client research projects. For the most part, it's an unglamorous aspect of the research business. That's not to say it doesn't have its unique moments. What happens when someone on the other end of the line is rather more excited than normal, or takes a fancy to the interviewer's voice and takes things to another level?

The third 'Crash! Bang! Wallop!' story set in London's sexiest research agency focuses on just this saucy situation!

When CBW (Crash! Bang! Wallop!) telephone interviewer Tanya is beginning her last interview of the evening, she realises that her male respondent on the other end of the line has her on his mind rather than the survey questions. What begins as a normal telephone interview quickly becomes a full-blown erotic episode leaving their imaginations full and other parts completely wet and empty! 

This adult erotic story features phone sex, fantasy sex and a bucketload of fruity, teasing dialogue!

Length:  7,100 words (approx.)

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Tanya already realised that this call could potentially turn out to be one of the more interesting ones that had come her way in her research career. Every telephone interviewer who’d been on the job for a while soon began comparing ‘war stories’ with colleagues: the perverts, the oddballs, the sarcasm merchants, and the timewasters.
But it was the last call of the night, and Tanya would get through it in her inimitable manner. After all, she had much bigger things on her mind; namely what she was going to be getting up to later that evening. That alone merited a naughty smirk from anyone who knew.
“Well,” she countered, “we’ll just have to see how you answer the questions, won’t we Mr Wilson?”
Tanya quickly proceeded through the screener questions.  From his responses, Tanya learned that Andrew was 33, lived in Clapham, and was a business analyst. And single.  Altogether not a bad combination, if Tanya was honest with herself. But such thoughts stayed firmly in her head.
“And what is your approximate height and weight, Andrew?”
“Aren’t these rather personal questions?” Andrew mused. “You’re not just trying to see if I’m your type, are you?”
Tanya didn’t for a second doubt that had the conversation been occurring face to face that there would have been a rather flirtatious exchange of looks and glances.
“Oh Mr Wilson,” gasped Tanya in mock surprise. She smiled: two can play at this game.
               “But I note your question. Some of the questions asked are quite sensitive. If you like I can have a male interviewer contact you and you can do the survey with him. That’s certainly not a problem.”
“Oh no, not at all,” came the lightning fast response, laced with a tinge of desperation. “Don’t you go anywhere, Tanya. You stay right where you are, and we’ll get through this survey of yours with all the details you want.”
Her ruse paid off, and she now doubted whether Andrew would be quite so insinuating or leading with his comments.
For the next five minutes, Andrew diligently answered Tanya’s questions, ranging from exercise to nutrition and the brands associated with men’s health. His responses had been natural and uncontrived. Perhaps her initial instincts about him being some sort of lusty hormonal respondent were off the mark?
She spoke too soon.
“Now the next set of questions are quite sensitive, but it’s a major part of the study.”
“Okay, go on,” Andrew responded. He was ready for whatever questions followed.
“How aware are you of testicular health issues?
There was silence at the other end of the line for a few seconds.
“I’m very aware of my testicles, Tanya,” Andrew answered.
Tanya tried to stifle her laugh. She’d certainly ‘got one’ tonight, but that was hardly likely to make her blush. Far from it. Given what clothes she’d already changed into half an hour ago when everyone else had left, ‘shrinking violet’ was a term most definitely not used to describe herself.
“That’s not quite what…”
“In fact, Tanya, I’m holding them right now.”
“Really?”  What the hell, thought Tanya: humour the man.
“Oh yes, although I’d prefer you checked them out for yourself. It could be an extra part of the research, y’know.”
“And how should I do that?”

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