London Lovers' Ground

Welcome to LONDON: Sexiest city in the world!

Amelia Bryant is on a mission (or should that be 'journey') to make London the sexiest city in the world: in the literary sense at the very least!

Get ready for red-hot tales around the city's locales. They'll be colour-coded to identify the common themes running through each of them.

The first three have already been written:

Paddington: 'Tickets Please!'  
Dan and Jane meet at Paddington Station on Friday evening to begin their overnight journey to Cornwall for a weekend with his parents. It’s Jane’s first time on an overnight train, and having come straight from the office, looks every inch the glamour-puss in her black heels, pencil skirt and blouse jacket. The pair are hardly on board their coach for a minute before their lust for one another begins to show. 

But it’s Dan’s sudden proposal in the lounge car that has Jane both shocked and excited. Just how much bad behaviour can they get up to in their cabin, with the lights on and in front of the passersby on the platform before they pull out of the station?

This adult erotic story contains oral sex (both), sex in high heels, lingerie, semi-exposed fornication, and a lot of cum and juices! "All aboard!"

'Baring All In Bayswater'   
Mia wants her last weekend in her Queensway flat to go with a bang. And Boy, does she get it! When her partying Brazilian neighbours across the street strike up the sultry samba sounds, Mia reveals some of the saucy antics she’s seen in the opposite flats. 

As the sticky summer evening heat and the music continues, Phil has his own idea of how they should spend their penultimate night in the flat: and it doesn’t involve their bed! Furthermore, before long they gain their very own highly appreciative audience providing encouragement each step of the way!     

This adult erotic story contains oral sex (both), multi-position bump n’ grind and frenetic sex, and an ever supportive group of spectators. With all these antics, it’s less Neighbourhood Watch and more ‘Neighbourhood Crotch’!

'Earl's Court: Making An Exhibition Of Oneself'   
When Lorna and her married friend Gina meet up at the IT Expo being held in the nearby exhibition centre, it’s another chance for them not only to catch up but also cast their eye around the exhibition floor for hot guys! Lorna is alerted by her friend to be on the lookout for a decidedly hot male, Rob. And when she meets him, Lorna wholeheartedly agrees with Gina’s judgment! 

Meeting later in the nearby pub, their flirtations escalate and before long they’ve left the pub to rendezvous again before heading to Rob’s hotel room. However, Lorna’s aching feet present them with another option, and before long they’re lustily devouring each other in the local gardens! But can their floral frolics continue without interruption?

This adult erotic story includes partially clothed (formal, suit) sex, fingering, cunnilingus, and being at one with nature in the naughtiest way whilst avoiding the local evening dog walker!