Friday, 8 February 2013

Erotica Readers: Your Opinions Count!

Are erotic writers delivering what readers want?
How diverse are readers’ erotic reading habits?

The simple fact is that to a large extent nobody knows! And that’s bad for readers and writers alike.

Hence the reason for the Erotica Reader Survey, aimed at getting to the bottom of what readers of erotic stories really want and how they go about getting it. If you’re a reader of erotica, you now have the perfect opportunity to give your honest opinion on a whole host of areas relating to the writing, content and purchasing of erotic stories.

As erotic story readers, you’ll already have your own feelings about the kinds of story that turn you on – and those that don’t. You’ll have also figured out the number of characters you like in your stories, the mischief they get up to. Your favourite writers – or new ones that are crying out to reach new audiences – may not have a clue about how best to make you aware of their new releases available to you.

You’re here because you love erotic stories. So why not take 10 minutes of your time to make yourself heard?! Grab yourself a glass of wine, get comfy and put your thinking cap on. Let’s talk about smut! 

The survey is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS – deliberately so – in order that you can be completely candid in your responses. Nothing less than total honesty will do, otherwise it’s a pointless exercise for everyone.

The survey has been designed to the same standards as a professionally commissioned research project, and key findings will be shared on this blogsite (there might even be some nice fancy charts too!). 

CLICK HERE TO BEGIN THE SURVEY (it’s on Survey Monkey, a professional and highly regarded marketing research survey and hosting site).

UPDATE OCTOBER 2013:Please note that the survey will only accept one full survey response per device (ie, laptop, smartphone, etc.  There have been some problems encountered when trying to complete the survey on smartphones,  so if you want to do the survey, it's recommended you use a more stable platform such as a desktop/laptop personal computer. 

If you’ve got any questions about the survey, then be sure to send me a Tweet and I’ll respond ASAP.

Cheers, and have a great weekend!


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