Monday, 11 February 2013

Amelia Bryant corrupts the UK marketing research industry!

It had to happen. No seriously; it really did. 

Take one imaginative - and pretty horny, if truth be told – marketing researcher with a penchant for fruity words and filthy thoughts.

Take an industry which (undeservedly) has its fair share of detractors, and which could collectively could do with a bit of TLC. Or failing that a good hard shag.

Well, it seems that Yours Truly’s naughty words have come to the attention of the research industry’s main trade publication – the cunningly titled (wait for it…) ‘Research’.
[The industry isn’t that unimaginative, honest!] 

Gracing the back page ‘Diary’ section which tends to paint a lighter note on research happenings, they’ve exposed the industry to a brief synopsis of my first story ‘Mirror Mirror’ in the Crash! Bang! Wallop! series, centred around the sexiest (albeit fictitious) London marketing research agency. 

A quarter of a page no less! Can you imagine how much that space would have cost in advertising terms?! Exactly. 

I'm a rather happy bonking bunny now!

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