Monday, 4 February 2013

Boobs, Balls (odd-shaped) and Boners

Hello again naughty smut readers! Doesn’t the week fly by?!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine largely consisted of watching six brilliant opening games to the Six Nations Rugby championship. Hmm… rugby: the smell of Deep Heat, chunky thighs, big muscl… that’s quite enough of that for now, hehe! Maybe I should write some rugger-related romps over the next few weeks? I’ve got a cracking title in my head already…

Anyway, as for the week ahead, this will be spent mostly doing the things that I wanted done over the past few days. Catch-up already, lol. The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions, it seems. Mind you, AC/DC always maintained that Hell Ain’t A Bad Place to Be, so I’ll take comfort from that. 

So, getting all the first eight naughty stories up onto Smashwords is the primary objective. I’m sure it’ll be like Amazon; once the first couple are under the belt without any issues, it’s pretty standard stuff. At least I hope so! Some news releases need firing out as well.

Finally, there is the Erotica Reader Survey, which should be up in the next couple of days. There’s just a few more questions I’m slipping in, then it’s a matter of uploading and programming into Survey Monkey. Of course being in the marketing research biz truly does help out in this regard: not just doing it, but writing about it (albeit filthily)!

I’ll digress, but if you’re a reader of erotica, erotic romance, or just plain good wholesome smut, call it what you will, then your thoughts and opinions truly matter. Watch out for a separate post on this in the next few days along with the survey link. Some of the main results will be uploaded for everyone to see, and maybe a few interesting ones from the juicy crosstabs too.

As ever, comments and feedback on any of the posts, and my stories (buy now, ker-ching!!) are most welcome, and don’t be shy, say hi on Twitter too.

Here’s to surviving the week….in the sexiest way possible!



  1. Look forward to reading and hopefully adding to your survey. Should be interesting! Loves Anna x

  2. The survey is live Anna: I hope you'll take part!