Wednesday, 30 October 2013

STORY: "Kings Cross St. Pancras: Officers But Are They Gentlemen?"

One hot shot woman + Two hot shot pilots = Threesome fun.

The eagerly awaited fourth title in the London Lovers’ Ground series is set in the bustling Kings Cross and neighbouring St. Pancras station area. Trying to shake off its notorious vice hotspot label, a number of high-end hotels and restaurants have opened around the stations. All rather convenient for our sassy vixen Lisa Thornton to have her wicked way with the two young officers!

When Lisa retires after dinner to the swanky Kings Cross hotel lounge that she’s staying in, herself and her friend Jill meet two dashing young RAF helicopter pilots enjoying their last weekend of leave before deploying to Afghanistan. Within minutes, they’re enthralled as the young pilots reveal the realities of combat rescue missions and life in a war zone. 

With Jill rushing to catch her last train home, Lisa and the two pilots continue talking but it becomes evident that Lisa is interested in more than mere conversation. Things heat up so much in the lounge, that Lisa’s smouldering attraction for both officers takes them to her hotel room where their all-out lust explodes! With Lisa’s train to Paris leaving in a matter of hours, there’s no other option. She orders her hot shot pilots to go full-throttle on their time-critical mission: HER!

With all three of them determined to make each moment count, the trio use everything in their arsenals to make it a night to remember. With charm, champagne, and a chaise longue all being used to full effect – not to mention a king-sized bed – Lisa, Thom and Andy make sure all are put to good use before Lisa heads to the station to begin her journey.

This 10,500 (approx.) word adult erotic story includes threesome sex, fellatio, cunnilingus, lingerie, and some wickedly fun dialogue, as befits Lisa’s sass and cheeky humour. And there’s a provocative and unexpected twist at the end for good measure!


Coming up for air, I looked into Andy’s eyes once more. I assumed the smile on my face was as wide as the Channel Tunnel itself. This was the sort of escapade hotels were designed for - or damn well should be.
As his hands moved under my short black jacket once more – I’m surprised he hadn’t taken it off before now – his fluid, almost effortless movements halted abruptly as the loud knock on the door came.
“Shit. Who the hell could that be?” I asked innocently, looking over Andy’s shoulder towards the door.
“I don’t know, but they bloody well chose the wrong time.”
“Don’t say a thing,” he whispered, “Maybe they’ll go away or realise they’ve got the wrong room or something.”
The second rat-a-tat against the door dispelled any notion that the interrupter had slunk off.
Andy looked at me. Was he awaiting orders like an obedient young officer?
“Well, I’m not answering the door with my hair like this,” I replied melodramatically, ignoring the fact that I was the one still fully clothed.
“You go. You can be my naked butler,” I winked.
“You’re going to pay for that,” Andy retorted conspiratorially. His well-timed squeeze of my derriere emphasised the point, before releasing his impressive grip on my arse and heading to the door. I sidestepped to get a clearer view of the door as Andy pulled it open.
“Hello Passion Pants!” exclaimed Thom.
“What the hell…”
“Hi there, Lisa. Flyboy reporting for duty,” announced Sutherland, nonchalantly planting a smacker on Andy’s cheek for good measure, chuckling loudly, as he brushed past his flying partner into my room. Placing the champagne, ice bucket and glasses onto the table, he turned around, grinning.
Andy’s face was something – a mix of surprise, shock, and possible disappointment too perhaps? It wasn’t that hard to imagine; he thought he had me all to his own. Poor boy. He had no idea that one flyboy wouldn’t be enough. Not by a long shot.
As if to rub it in, Thom waved the napkin I’d left on the table in front of Andy’s face, before handing it to him. Still laughing, he looked around the room, taking it all in. By the expression on his face, he liked the look of my large executive room. He wasn’t the only one: I’d found it a delightful base for my short stay.
Thom’s gaze eventually turned to me.
“Come over here Thom,” I beckoned. “Don’t you think you should catch up? Andy needs some time to acquaint himself with the mission.” Glancing at the mirror, I could see that despite them being kissed and sucked on intently for the last fifteen minutes, my vamped up red lips had not lost any of their colour: God bless modern cosmetics.
Andy meanwhile stayed rooted at the spot beside the door. Reading intently, he got up to speed. 
‘Hey Flyboy. Andy exfiltrated me to Room 241. Cum ‘Search and Rescue’ me! Full tank necessary. Clothes optional.’ 
I had to admit: my red lips made one hell of a signature at the bottom on the napkin.
“I’ll say one thing Lisa,” chuckled Andy, “you certainly have a way with words.”
“I’ve got a way with willies, as well.”

How does the story end?  Very messily and exhaustedly! And with a final surprise in store! 

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