Thursday, 17 October 2013

New Book, New Look, New Offer!

Yay! After several months of real life intruding with neighbours being wankers, and other trials and tribulations causing my smut mojo to disappear…… we’re back, Baby!

At about 0315 hrs on Wednesday morning, I finally finished the story I’d been working on back in March. It’s a bit of a belter if I say so myself. But then I would say that, wouldn’t I ?

With about four edits already completed, and with a final look-over or two just remaining, I’ll shortly be giving it the rubber stamp and getting started on the Amazon upload process. That’s assuming Amazon by now haven’t started throwing their toys out of the pram with EVERYTHING erotica-related. If so, then we’re all really screwed, lol.

It’s another in the London Lovers’ Ground series of spicy stories set among London’s many different locales. Coming in at around 10,500 words, I think it’s my second longest story (after Hi-Jinks In Hull, from the Crash! Bang! Wallop! series). As per previous stories, it’ll have its own blog post; probably an ‘Extra Sauce’ post to keep it company as well. So I won’t wax lyrical about it right now. But if you’re a fan of multiple miscreants as well as multiple orgasms, then there’s a treat in store for you!

With the new book, there’s also a new look revealed. The earlier LLG stories - Bayswater, Paddington, and Earl’s Court – will also be receiving respective cover re-designs. There’s nothing earth shattering about them, but they’re certainly more jazzed up and dare I say it, more enticing, than the previous ones: which in retrospect isn’t that hard to imagine!

Finally, for threesome fans, cough…ahem… - I mean books, you filthy muckers! - I’m going to be releasing the first three LLG stories – as a multi-pack book. Exact pricing still TBC, but I’m probably going to offer it for less than buying the three stories separately. Amn’t I nice?!

This is all going to be happening in the next week or two so if you want to stay in the loop, you can either keep checking my Tweets or to be on the safe side subscribe to my site here, and you’ll be automatically notified when there’s something said.

Thanks for reading – this and my smutty stories!  


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