Monday, 8 April 2013

EXTRA Sauce! Bayswater: London Sex Writer Amelia Bryant’s Quick Guide

So if you’ve read my hot erotic story ‘Baring All In Bayswater’ perhaps you’d like to get a flavour of the area, especially if you’re not from London or you’re located thousands of miles away.

Photo: (c) Amelia Bryant
Located to the north of Kensington Gardens and west of Paddington, Bayswater is a lively, cosmopolitan hub. Most of the activity centres around the street named Queensway, which is crammed full of restaurants, international food shops, fast food joints and all the usual major retailers. In the picture (left) of Queensway you can make out the entrance to the large Whiteley Centre shopping mall and cinema - it's at the far right of the photo, white peaked with the flagpole.

Locals requiring some extra bedroom (or wherever) spice have a well-stocked Ann Summers store on Queensway to stock up on assorted naughtiness. And shock author confession – this is the store where I bought my first Rampant Rabbit!

Photo: (c) Amelia Bryant
The tube station is located just a little under halfway along. And it’s one of the best examples of the London Underground map (designed by engineer Harry Beck) not being topographically accurate. If you take a look at the tube map, you’ll see Queensway and Bayswater stations separated by what seems to be a reasonable distance. In fact you could walk between the stations in probably the same time as it would take you to read this blog posting. We’re talking only a couple of hundred yards, tops. 

Bayswater has something of an edgy reputation – just like its Australian equivalent (what is it with Sydney, trying to copycat London’s vice spots: King’s Cross AND Bayswater?!) Yes, it’s a hustling busting ‘never quiet’ area – Queensway certainly – but it is also renowned for its sexual commerce. Some of the nearby W2 streets are well known on the internet for the ‘services’ offered in some of the apartments, and police have broken up vice rings and brothels operating in the area.

Photo: (c) Amelia Bryant

The street is dominated by a couple of very big apartment blocks – Princess and Queen’s Courts. Queens Court is the location of Mia’s fictitious flat, located just yards to the south of the tube station. But it makes me smile mischievously. Queens Court (pictured left) is listed on many bulletin boards and online forums as the ‘Ground Zero’ for London escorts! One minute on a search engine duly upholds these assertions! 

And I actually know Queens Court rather well! I won’t reveal all, but I did date someone for a while who flat-shared there. I must admit: I never bumped into any exotic ladies all the times I was up and down in the lifts. Let’s just say that with the preponderance of genuine hotties that could often be seen walking along Queensway, it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. 

Anyway, I’ve got happy memories of Bayswater as you can imagine, and it made returning there for some photos a pleasure. The sights and smells took me back a few years. And yes, speaking purely objectively of course, yes there are still a veritable amount of hot-to-trot ladies there – ‘working’ or otherwise!

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