Wednesday, 27 March 2013

EXTRA Sauce! Earl's Court: London Sex Writer Amelia Bryant’s Quick Guide

So if you’ve read my short smutty story ‘Earl’s Court: Making an Exhibition Of Oneself’ perhaps you’d like to get a flavour as to the locale, especially if you’re not from London or you’re located thousands of miles away.

Located in the south west of central London between Cromwell Road and Old Brompton Road, Earl’s Court is know for a variety of things. The first, and probably the largest, is the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre - home to business expos (where my characters ‘Aussie’ Rob Sadler and Lorna Calderwood meet), home and leisure shows, and major rock concerts. In fact barely five days after moving to London all those years ago, I went to my first gig here – and what a night! I’m also no stranger to it for research/marketing expos etc. over the years.

The tube station is just across the road from the Centre – in fact this picture is taken from the station entrance. The other main entrance is on Earl’s Court Road – here.

Needless to say, the tube station can get pretty crowded when there’s a gig or expo on. Which in itself presents a fantastic opportunity to letch at some pretty hot talent! [Public transport confession time: I had a major snogging session on the westbound District line platform one cold February evening many moons ago. Ah, halcyon days!] 

Earl’s Court is also traditionally known to be a hang out for Australians living in the city. And escorts too, apparently! There are a lot of hostels and hotels in the area – of varying quality and price ranges.

Just a few yards along from the station is The Blackbird, the pub where my characters Rob and Lorna meet after the expo.

Earl’s Court has a number of gardens with bushes and trees lining the perimeter railings. The vast majority – if not all of them – are private, and only accessible under lock and key. So not every Tom, Dick and Harry can get it. But hey, perhaps from time to time people are careless, and in the case of Rob and Lorna…jackpot!

So where might the lust-filled pair have headed for their dusk debauchery: perhaps here?!

Have you read a juicy excerpt from my smutty Earl’s Court story? Read it now!

Or if you have already and liked it, then buy 'Earl's Court: Making An Exhibition Of Oneself' it at Amazon, dammit! ;-)

I hope you've enjoyed this little pictorial expedition into my setting for the book - watch out for accompanying ones for each new London Lovers' Ground story! 

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